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Volunteering Services

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Family Fun At Ontario Early Years


What Are OEYC's?

At Ontario Early Years Centres, parents and caregivers can get the information and resources they need about their children’s development. All services and resources are free to families and include:

Enriching Children's Programming
With Ontario Early Years programs there is a focus on enriching children's programming that focuses on school readiness. Parents and caregivers bring children for fun-filled play programs

Prenatal, Child Development, & Parenting Information, Education and Support
Working in conjunction with our community partners, we offer parents more information on all aspects of parenting, whether you are expecting a child, have a newborn, or are raising busy preschoolers.

Early Literacy Programming
In keeping with school readiness, there is a focus on the importance of Early Literacy. Child centered programming, parent-child activities, parenting information and workshops will reinforce literacy and numeracy skills.

Information and Linkages to Local Community Services
If you want to know more about our services please contact us and we will put you in touch with supportive agencies.


Speaker's Bureau
Individuals in Chatham-Kent who have important and useful information to share with parents and caregivers are invited to come to our centres and provide speaking engagements. If there are topics you would like discussed at your program, please bring this information to the attention of the OEYC staff.

Volunteer Services
Because of new focus on early learning activities and education, volunteer support will be more important than ever. If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer in any way, please let our staff know.  Please contact the resource coordinator Angela Elley at 519-358-4554

Data Analysis
All OEYC programs need to be very accountable to the government and the community. We will be collecting new information and in new ways. This will mean using new forms for participants, as well as getting parent/caregiver feedback on an ongoing basis. We look forward to hearing your ideas on what and how we are doing.

All core services are FREE of charge.
Services will be provided in English, French and low German.